Three Things to Do Before Riding Your Dirt Bike

Three Things to Do Before Riding Your Dirt Bike

When it comes to high-speed, full-power, adrenaline-pumping hobbies, there’s few pastimes that rival ripping up the track on a dirt bike. But as fast and thrilling as off-road riding can be, you can’t set out immediately. Each adventure comes with some necessary pre-ride steps that need to be done before you can go roaring down the path ahead. To keep yourself safe and your bike in good condition, we’ve gone ahead and outlined three things you should do before setting out on a ride.

1. Secure a Way to Haul Your Ride

Denago Powersports MX Series Dirt Bikes Secured on a Trailer

Your bike isn’t going to make it to the track by itself. If it isn’t already there, you’ll probably need a truck, trailer, or van to carry your bike to your riding destination. If you don’t own a vehicle or trailer that can carry your ride, be sure to plan your means of transportation in advance and rent something suitable. Make sure your bike is properly strapped down while you’re hauling it, and keep a ramp on hand to get your bike down (if there isn’t one built in). 

2. Gear Up
Child riding a Denago Powersports E Hawk 6 on an off road trail.

Safety is paramount when riding. Before you start riding, you’re going to want to outfit yourself with the proper safety gear. A full-face, DOT-approved dirt bike helmet is an automatic must: if you end up taking a spill at high speeds, this will protect you from a serious head injury. You’ll also want some good riding goggles to shield your eyes from dust and debris. Your body and limbs will need protection too, so pick up some quality riding gloves, boots, pants, and jerseys. Knees, elbows, necks, and chests are especially vulnerable, so knee pads, elbow pads, neck braces, and body armor are essential as well. 

Gear doesn’t just include what you’re wearing. A backpack or hydration pack with important essentials like water, food, extra fuel, a first aid kit, and key repair tools can save you if you become injured or stranded out on the open trail. It’s never a bad idea to keep a more extensive array of supplies in your truck, van, or car as well. It may seem like a lot, but proper preparation can save you a lot of time, hassle, injury, and money in the long run.

3. Do a Pre-Ride Check

Two people checking on the Denago Powersports MX2 Dirt Bike

While you may want to take off down the track right away, ensuring the condition of your bike before you ride is vital to preventing unnecessary harm to you, your bike, or other riders. Make sure all parts are in working order and that all components are present, clean, and secured. Among other important checks, you should ensure that:

  • All nuts, bolts, screws, and spokes are tightened
  • Fluid isn’t leaking from anywhere on the bike
  • Your bike is clean
  • Moving parts are well-lubricated if necessary
  • Your dirt bike has plenty of clean oil
  • Your air filter is clean and oiled
  • Your drive chain is lubricated and doesn’t have too much slack
  • Your front and rear brakes work and have plenty of brake fluid
  • Your clutch and brake levers work and don’t have too much free play
  • Your throttle lever moves smoothly and snaps back into place when you let go
  • Your tires are at the correct tire pressure
  • All switches are working properly
  • You’ve bled your suspension forks
  • Your dirt bike has been fueled

Your owner’s manual should have more information about pre-ride safety, operation, and maintenance for your dirt bike. If you’re ever concerned that something isn’t working right or you’ve run into an issue that doesn’t have a quick fix, save the ride for another day and take the bike into a dealer or repair shop.

Of course, this list isn’t exhaustive; there is always other track research to be done, riding buddies to coordinate schedules with, helpful gear to stash in your backpack, and components to double-check before setting out. But following these three steps should help make sure that each of your rides is exciting, reliable, and stress-free. Armed with this knowledge, we hope you’re better prepared to set out and discover new adventures with Denago Powersports.

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