Safety Videos

Safety Comes First

Please be sure to always wear a helmet whenever you decide to go out for a ride. Helmets provide protection to your head in case of crashes.


ATV Safety Alert Information

Know your local laws
Every state has different laws regarding on- and off-road motor vehicle operation. We strongly encourage you to review your local regulations before operating any Denago vehicle.

Take a safety course
Our customers’ safety is important to us. We strongly suggest every responsible adult takes a certified rider safety course with their young rider and then reviews the operating controls with him or her before riding. All young riders require responsible adult supervision while operating a vehicle. You can find an ATV Safety Course by calling (800) 276 8949

Safety and Certifications
Denago PowerSports certifies each model with the United States Consumer Product Safety Commission to ensure it complies with all current guidelines and regulations. We also certify each model with the United States Environmental Protection Agency to ensure it meets federal environmental guidelines and regulations.

Visit the ATV Safety Institute for ATV Safety Rules.

Visit the US Consumer Product Safety Commission for more information about ATV Safety.

Visit the US Environmental Protection Agency for more information on current ATV emissions rules.